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Adele Marie Wells was a young girl last seen leaving her grandmother’s house to walk to her school just blocks away. She never arrived and has never been seen again. Wells' latest age progression depicts her at 69.


Progressed to 63

Wells was a second-grader who attended Jefferson Elementary school in Flint, Michigan. On the morning of her disappearance, Wells stayed home from school due to having a cold. However, that afternoon, she decided to go to school. On her way to school, she stopped at her grandmother's house to show her how her mother had nicely done up her that day. After leaving her grandmother's house to finally head to school, she disappeared.

Police received reports from people who witnessed a young male carrying a small girl to a dirty black Chevrolet located near the creek on Lewis Street. The girl was estimated to be between eight and ten years old, while the man was described as a light-skinned African American wearing a gray coat and red socks. The man and the girl have never been identified, but other children from Wells' school said that the driver of a car fitting that description attempted to lure them into his vehicle days before her disappearance.


  • Gray cotton coat
  • Blue dress with a design of small animal figures along the lower hemline
  • Red knee socks
  • Black shoes


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