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Adrian Lukas is a German man who went missing from St. Anton, Austria on September 25, 2017.


Adrian's employer from Germany sent him to St. Anton, Austria, for installation work just a few days before his disappearance. He lived in a hotel room near the construction site.

On the day of his disappearance, Adrian called in sick to his boss after his lunch break around 2 p.m. and went to the hotel where he was staying to rest. Since then there is no trace of him.

It is known that Adrian sent a text message to his father at 1:02 p.m that said, "They want to kill me." A little later he wrote "I don't know if I'll survive today" and "If I don't report in today, it's the end." Other family members received similar text messages where he announced he wanted to be buried next to his grandparents in the event of a murder.

It is unclear whether Adrian was really persecuted or threatened or whether he disappeared voluntarily.


  • Grey work trousers.
  • Dark blue fleece jacket with a black stripe on the front.
  • Black shoes.
  • Grey belt.