Amy Marie Yachimec was a teen who disappeared from Arizona in 1981 under suspicious circumstances.


  • Blue eyes.
  • Brown hair.
  • Pierced ears.

Clothing and accessories

  • Blue, short-sleeved shirt.
  • Maroon slacks.
  • Blue shoes.
  • Gold necklace.
  • Gold earrings.


Yachimec disappeared after she was picked up by her neighbor, 25-year-old Raymond Diaz to attend a party.

An anonymous tip was sent to police in 1988, claiming she had been murdered and buried in a desert. Her remains, however, have never been found.

In 2018, Raymond Diaz, was charged with her murder. DNA evidence is said to be the key factor in his arrest. Hair was found in the vehicle he used that was similar to Yachimec's.



Rule outs

Yachimec has been ruled out as the following:


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