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Ana Marie Townsend was an infant or toddler whose burnt body was found in the attic of an abandoned home in 2017. She was identified in 2018. She had been subjected to long-term abuse.



  • Black hair.
  • Pierced ears.

Clothing and Accessories

  • White 'Garanamals' onesie with hot pink flowers, size 6-9 months
  • Dark blue onesie with white polka dots and red trim, size 9 months
  • Black and white leopard print fleece pants with pink foot coverings and cat ears and a cat face on the seat of pants
  • A diaper
  • Dark blue, red, white, and light blue blanket with frayed edges and a 'Raggedy Ann' doll embroidering
  • Light pink fleece blanket with light blue, light pink, and hot pink elephants


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