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Andreas Leitner was a young man who disappeared with his friend Max Baumgartner on the night of 12-13 September, 2015 near Linz, Austria.


Max and Andreas played cards with two friends on 12 September, 2015. After they said goodbye at around 11 pm, they called a friend and tried to call a cab. However, no connection was established.

Max's car, an old, silver Citroen BX was photographed by a traffic camera during the night, shortly before 2.30 a.m.: it entered a traffic circle in Bad Leonfelden, a few kilometers away, and continued on towards the Czech Republic. It is unknown if Max was the one driving the car.

Months later, a witness who claimed to have seen the car on the night of the disappearance contacted the police - in the village of Vyšší Brod (Czech Republic), close to the border.

Andrea's cell phone was left behind in the apartment, Max had taken his cell phone with him, but was not reachable.

Andreas Leitner