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Angelo Leo
Angelo leo 1.jpgProgressed to 15
Age 4
Race Hispanic
Sex Male
Location Santa Ana, California
Disappeared January 28, 2006
Missing for 14 years
Height 3'6
Weight 41 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Angelo Leo was a young Californian native, who, along with his siblings, went missing in January 2006.

Due to the circumstances surrounding his case, Angelo is considered Endangered Missing.


On January 28, 2006, Angelo and his siblings, Santino, Walter and Selena Leo were last seen in the company of their non-custodial birth mother, Ruby Leo in Santa Ana, California. Ruby Leo has since been located but without any of the Leo children in her care.

At the time of their disappearances, all four children were wards of the state due to both parents being deemed unfit due to extensive criminal pasts and active warrants out for their name.

In 2007, less than one year after their kidnapping, Ruby Leo was located and arrested, however, the children’s whereabouts are unknown and so are the whereabouts of Anthony Marks who may have taken them to Kansas City, Missouri, or with other relatives out-of-state. Currently, Anthony Marks is wanted on unrelated charges.


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