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Annie Yassie
Annie Yassie.jpg
Age 13
Race First Nations
Sex Female
Location Churchill, Manitoba
Disappeared June 22, 1974
Missing for 47 years
Height 5'4"
Weight 104 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Annie Yassie (born July 27, 1960) was a teenager from the Sayisi Dene First Nation who was last seen by a taxi cab driver. She was reported missing four days after her disappearance.


Annie was described as having brown eyes, black hair, and a thin build. She was last seen wearing a blue, denim jacket; blue, denim pants; and brown, leather shoes with a three inch heel.

Life Prior to Disappearance

Eva Yassie, Annie's older sister by five years, remembers Annie as a beautiful and kind young girl. Despite the age gap, Eva was close with her sister.


A week before her disappearance, Annie returned home from Mackay residential school in Dauphin, Manitoba, which she'd been attending since the autumn of 1973. She'd moved in with her brother, Fred Yassie, who clearly remembers the day due to it being Treaty Day and many people were celebrating by drinking, including Annie.

At some point, Annie and a male companion who was over a decade her senior, hired a taxi to take them to a gravel pit area.  Fred remebered the area being a popular place for camping and bonfires, but it's unknown if there were other people there that night aside from Annie and her companion. The cab driver recalled Annie being intoxicated to the point of passing out and her companion having to drag her out of the cab. The companion requested the cab driver to return for them in the evening, but Annie wasn't with her companion when the taxi cab returned. Annie wasn't reported missing until June 26, 1974, when Eva went to visit her sister, only for everyone to realize Annie hadn't been seen since June 22, 1974.

Eva believes Annie's companion from that night killed her. Every time she asked him what happened, he always told her he couldn't remember, as he'd blacked out from drinking. Annie's companion has since died. Annie's family believes her case won't ever be solved, but would still like to find her remains and give her a proper burial.