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* {{Charley Project|Antonia-Dolores-Araiza}}
* {{Charley Project|Antonia-Dolores-Araiza}}
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* {{NamUs MP|1986|Antonia Araiza}}
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Antonia Araiza
Antonia dolores araiza 1.jpg
Age 42
Race Hispanic
Sex Female
Location Watsonville, California
Disappeared November 1, 1983
Missing for 36 years
Height 5'0
Weight 125 pounds
Classification Not Stated

Antonia Dolores Araiza was a woman who went missing in 1983. Her nicknames are Tootsie and Tonie.


Araiza last saw her family in Arizona in 1974, she remained in touch with her family, the last time they spoke was in November 1983 and refused to come home even though her mother was dying. That was the last time they spoke to her. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Black hair
  • Black eyes
  • She has a scar across her left cheek 
  • A long scar across on her left arm
  • She has almond-shaped eyes