Apache Child
Sex Unknown
Race Native American
Location Fort Bowie, Arizona
Found August 7, 1885
Unidentified for 135 years
Postmortem interval September 27, 1885
Body condition Unknown
Age approximation 4 - 8[1]
Height approximation N/A
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Natural

Apache Child is an Apache child who died of dysentery while at Fort Bowie, Arizona.


On August 7, 1885, a group of Apache tribespeople, seven women and eight children, were captured near Nacori, Mexico. They were taken to Fort Bowie, Arizona on September 1, 1885. Among the women included Geronimo's two wives Zi-yeh and She-gha and among the children were two of his sons, Little Robe and Fenton.

The unknown child was also among the children. Little Robe died on September 10, 1885, likely due to dysentery and the unknown child died of dysentery om September 27, 1885. The acting assistant surgeon in his short report did not mention the unknown child's name, either because he did not know their name or he just did not mention it. Both children at the post cemetery at the fort.



  1. They are only described as a child. This age range is stated based on the categories of this wiki.
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