Apache Junction Jane Doe was a young woman found deceased near a desert-like area in Apache Junction, Arizona in 1992.

She is currently undergoing testing by the DNA Doe Project.


On August 6, 1992, Jane Doe’s mummified skeletal remains were discovered in a desert area near the northwest corner of Idaho and Baseline Roads, south of US Highway 60 in Apache Junction, Arizona (Pinal County). It is believed she had been deceased for approximately 3 to 10 weeks prior to recovery.

Her skeleton has exhumed for DNA testing at an unknown date, most presumably by the DNA Doe Project.

DNA testing done by the DNA Doe Project disputed speculation that she may have had Native American or White ancestry, as it showed that the victim was biracial: having a parent of Mexican descent, and a parent of Black descent, having ties to Virginia.


  • She had brown hair. (Miscroscropically similar to that of Southwestern Hispanics with Native American admixtures.)
  • Eye color is unknown, but they were likely brown due to her racial admixtures.
  • Skin tone is unknown due to decomposition.
  • She had no obvious signs of dental work, but her teeth were described as “Protruding”. A gap between her two front teeth are also visible in the sketches.
  • She had no distinctive marks or tattoos on her body.

Clothing and jewelry

  • A white pullover short-sleeved t-shirt with soccer balls on the front and back ("Team Gear" brand, size Large)
  • Blue denim cut-off short pants ("Levis" brand). There were two belongings in her front left pocket: A Phoenix Transit System token inscribed with the words "Valid for one student fare“ and a round piece of paper the size of a penny with a figure of Abraham Lincoln on one side and the Lincoln Memorial on the other side, both in green ink (Belongings were not photographed)
  • A golden ring with a nugget design on present her left ring finger. (Note: The ring itself was not photographed)

Recent developments

On February 13, 2020, the DNA Doe Project announced on their twitter that she might have substantial ties to the following areas:

  • Virginia: Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties
  • Southwestern United States: Southern California, Pima County in Arizona and Bexar County in Texas.
  • Mexico: Nuevo Leon, Sinaloa, Sonora, Tamaulipas, Jalisco and Baja California Peninsula.

A list of last names that have been associated with the Jane Doe can be found on this Facebook post.




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