Sex Male
Race Hispanic/White
Location Dallas, Texas
Found December 10, 1989
Unidentified for 30 years
Postmortem interval 2 hours
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 14-23
Height approximation 5'2
Weight approximation 108 pounds
Cause of death Not stated(S)
"Armando" was an unidentified decedent found in Texas in 1989.


  • Black hair, 8 inches in length.
  • Mustache.
  • Brown eyes.
  • 1 inch linear scar on lower aspect of the anterior left thigh.
  • 1 inch scar on anterior aspect of the right thigh.
  • Indistinct, circle tattoo in the web space of the left index finger and thumb.
  • Rose tattoo on back of left shoulder.

Clothes and accessories

  • 1 brown wallet with "R R R" on it.
  • Black and gray, plaid longsleeved shirt.
  • Brown belt with white metal buckle.
  • Black jeans.
  • Blue briefs.
  • White socks.
  • Black and gray shoes.
  • White metal ring with red stone.
  • White metal watch - "Cenere" brand.
  • String necklace.



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