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Arroyo Grande Jane Doe was a female found murdered in 1980 in Henderson, Nevada.


The Jane Doe's naked body was found face-down near Arroyo Grande Road in Henderson, Nevada. The victim's death was a homicide, as she had been hit in the back of the head with a blunt object, beaten in the face and had been stabbed multiple times in the back and head. She had died hours earlier, and there was no evidence of a sexual assault, though she was found nude. 27 women have been ruled out as being the decedent.

The body had apparently been washed and a piece of the shower curtain was found near her body.

She was exhumed in late 2016 for additional testing.


  • Light brownish-blonde, 11-inch hair.
  • Her eyes are commonly listed as blue but could have been green or hazel.
  • A recent tattoo of the letter "S" on her right forearm.
  • Noticeable gap in her teeth (this may have occurred post or perimortem).
  • One tooth had a suture, a technique used to straighten a tooth.
  • Vaccination scar on her left bicep.
  • Her wisdom teeth were impacted.
  • Birthmark on her lower back. 



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