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Baby Elle
Sex Female
Race White/Hispanic
Location Smyrna, Delaware
Found September 13, 2019
Unidentified for 2 months and 19 days
Postmortem interval Weeks
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 2-5
Height approximation Unknown
Weight approximation Unknown
Cause of death Not stated(S)
"Baby Elle" was a girl whose remains were discovered in Smyrna, Delaware in 2019.


The child's remains were discovered in a softball field on the afternoon of September 13, 2019. A man walking his dog came across the remains, which were directly across from a junior high school. There appeared to be evidence of a fire at the scene. Police stated they would withhold certain details about the case. They did, however, state that the child may have died earlier than the postmortem interval that was determined.


  • She had wavy brown hair.
  • She appeared to have had a history of poor health.




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