Baby Joe Daniels
Daniels joseph9.jpg
Age 5
Race White
Sex Male
Location Dickson, Tennessee
Disappeared May 4, 2018
Missing for 1 year
Height 4'0
Weight 50 - 60 pounds
Classification Presumed homicide

Joseph "Baby Joe" Clyde Daniels III is a child who disappeared from his home in Tennessee in 2018. While his father, Joseph Ray Daniels, has been charged for his murder. His body has never been found.


Baby Joe was last seen in his home on Garners Creek Road, where he lived with his mother, father and two siblings. At 6:30 am, his father, Joesph Ray Daniels, called 911 and reported that his son was missing. He claimed that he and his wife, Krystal Nicole Daniels, went to wake Baby Joe up for school at 5:20, when they realized he was gone. Following this, he stated that he and his wife searched the property for over an hour in hopes of finding Baby Joe to no luck and then called Law Enforcement. Joseph speculated that during the night, Baby Joe must have gotten up, unlocked a door and wandered outside. 


On April 7, 2018, Joseph was charged with criminal homicide after confessing that on April 4, he murdered his son, Baby Joe, and hid his body elsewhere. While on April 9, Krystal, Baby Joe's mother, confessed that she was present when her son was killed. Recalling that she heard a scream before everything went silent and she saw Joseph standing over Baby Joe, who was lying on the floor. Before positing that she saw Joseph with his fists clenched, who then threatened to kill her if she said anything, thereby frightening her back up to her room. Whereafter entering she was greeted to the sound of a car door shutting. For her part in the murder, Krystal was charged with aggravated child neglect, criminal responsibility and filing a false report. The couple's two remaining children were sent to live with unnamed relatives.


Since his initial charging, Joseph has recanted his admission, claiming in a letter written to his parents that he believed Baby Joe was still alive, and that Krystal and an unidentified man were responsible for his disappearance.



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