Baltimore Jane Doe
NCMU1184454c1 (1)
Sex Female
Race Black
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Found August 6, 1996
Unidentified for 22 years
Postmortem interval Minutes
Body condition Traumatic injuries
Age approximation 18-60
Height approximation 5'7
Weight approximation 179 pounds
Cause of death Train accident

Baltimore County Jane Doe was a young woman who was hit by a train in Baltimore, Maryland.


The exact circumstances of her death are unknown, but it is possible that she committed suicide. Because of the nature of her injuries, her eye color was not possible to estimate. She was originally thought to be as old as 99, but a recent poster by the NCMEC lowered the range to 25. NamUs maintains that she could be as old as 60.

Physical characteristics

  • She had brown hair with very long braids.
  • She may have suffered from depression.
  • She had fillings in her teeth.

Clothing & accessories

  • Green T-shirt with a large multi-colored decal on the front
  • Black bra with flowers on it
  • Blue sweatpants
  • Red panties
  • Brown lace-up shoes
  • Tri-colored ring


  • The victim possibly stood in front of the train as a suicide attempt.Acknowledged
  • She may be Carolyn Brown Rule Out
    • Rejected by Doe Network potential match committee
  • She may be Adirenne Witherspoon, who disappeared just 2 days before Baltimore Jane Doe's death


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