For the unidentified decedent found in Hawaii in 1982, see Barnacle Bill (1982).

Barnacle Bill is the nickname given to an unidentified decedent found in Marathon, Florida.


On August 6, 1987, fishermen found the lower half of his body floating in the water. The following day, a head was discovered on Key Colony Beach, approximately 20 miles away from where the body had been found. He was given the nickname Barnacle Bill due to barnacles found on his shoes.

The medical examiner believed that he had been separated by a shark. A dentist confirmed that Bill had foreign dental work, and investigators theorized he had fallen off of a ship. Barnacle Bill was buried in the Key West Cemetery and exhumed in 2007 for DNA sampling. His skull was sent to the FBI for facial reconstruction.

An article written on the exhumation refers to Bill as a murder victim and notes that the medical examiner believed Barnacle Bill was possibly African American. However, his NamUs listing and other articles identify him as White/Caucasian, and do not mention a murder. It is possible that the article merged Bill's case with other decedents exhumed that day.


  • Navy blue pants
  • Brown leather belt
  • "Kangaroo" shoes, size 11
  • Dark blue socks


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