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Beaver County John Doe was a man whose scattered remains were found in Beaver, Utah on April 13, 2004.


The victim was found about half a mile northwest of the Milford Airport. There were two fractures on his skull that was consistent with blunt force trauma, indicating he was the victim of a homicide. However, it is unknown if a weapon used to kill him.

His dental records were obtained and entered into NCIC and his DNA is available at the University of North Texas. There is speculation he is of Vietnamese descent, according to the Utah Department of Public Safety.


  • Likely to be of Vietnamese descent.
  • Short black hair.
  • Healed fracture to the left of the nasal aperture, on the maxillary bone.

Clothing and accessories

  • Camouflage-patterned jacket with military insignias on both upper arms.
  • Cotton V-neck T-shirt.
  • White cotton briefs.
  • 'Hanes' sport socks.
  • Black 'Solo and Semore' denim jeans.
  • Black leather belt with metal buckle.
  • Ankle high steel toed boots.
  • Ten coins in pockets dated 1979 - 1996.



  1. The UTDPS narrow the age range to 50-56