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Belinda Williams
Belinda Williams 1.jpg
Age 24
Race First Nations
Sex Female
Location Vancouver/Mission,
British Columbia
Disappeared July 1, 1976 or 1977
Missing for 44 - 45 years
Height 5'2
Weight 117 pounds
Classification Not stated

Belinda Gurtrude[1] Williams (born 1952) was a woman who disappeared in 1976 or 1977 but wasn't reported missing until 2004.


Williams' father and sister claim to have last seen her in Vancouver, yet the Stl'Atl'imx Tribal Police have determined she was last seen in Mission.

Loralei Williams, Belinda's niece, started a dance group in 2011 called Butterflies in Spirit to raise awareness about Canada's missing and murdered Indigenous women. Loralei is also the cousin of Tanya Holyk, who disappeared from Vancouver in 1996. Tanya's DNA was linked to serial killer Robert Pickton's residence.


  • Brown hair.
  • Black eyes.
  • Has a scar on her right arm and a scar below one of her eyes.
  • Has a tattoo of the letter "B" on her right hand.
  • Right pinkie finger is crooked.



  1. Williams' middle name is alternatively spelled "Gertrude."