Berlin John Doe
Berlin 2001
Sex Male
Race White
Location Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
Found June 16, 2001
Unidentified for 19 years
Postmortem interval <1 day
Body condition Unknown
Age approximation 25-35
Height approximation 6'
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Gunshot (suicide)
Berlin John Doe was a man who committed suicide after assaulting a policeman and stealing his gun in 2001.


  • Short dark brown hair.
  • Slim build.

Clothing and accessories

  • Dark brown cap with the label 'Wile E' and a small comic design on the left side.
  • Gray roll-collar sweater.
  • Black leather jacket.
  • Dark-blue 'Levi' jeans
  • Black shoes, 'Puma' brand


  • Set of keys.
  • Cigarettes.


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