Bernalillo County John Doe
UP 8116
Sex Male
Race White
Location Albuquerque, New Mexico
Found December 14, 2000
Unidentified for 19 years
Postmortem interval Hours - Days
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 20-25
Height approximation 6'1
Weight approximation 160 pounds
Cause of death Suicide
This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Bernallilo County John Doe was a man discovered in 2000. He is believed to have committed suicide


Dirt bikers riding along West Mesa in New Mexico found the decedent, lying off the street, at 6:05 PM, on December 14, 2000. He is believed to have been there for a few days. He is thought to have committed suicide by inflicting a wound with an incisor on his left wrist.

The decedent's objects were found scattered beside him, and those items included geographical magazines written in German, suggesting he was not native to the United States. More intriguing that was found however, was a cup from a Econo Lodge hotel, with a note inside reading in German,


Your specialist shop in


This note would be traced to an electronic's shop in Lubbecke, Germany, but nothing came out of that inquiry. The owner, Rolf Schneider, died in 2014, and never stated that he knew the decedent, but he made trips to the United States often, so he may have given that note to the decedent as a business card.

When no one came forward to claim the decedent, he was cremated and his ashes were put in urn. A funeral was held and the current location of the ashes are unknown.


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