Bette-Jean Masters
Jean-Bette.jpgJean-Bette age progression.jpg
Age 21 months
Race White
Sex Female
Location Red Lake,
British Columbia
Disappeared July 3, 1960
Missing for 60 years
Height 2'7
Weight 24 pounds
Classification Not stated

Edna "Bette-Jean" Masters was a toddler who disappeared in 1960.


On July 3, 1960, police received a report of a lost child in the Red Lake area, 45 miles Northwest of Kamloops, British Columbia. 21-month-old Edna Bette-Jean Masters, known to the family as Bette-Jean, was last seen playing with family and friends at a friend's residence.


  • An oval-shaped burn scar on her upper left arm,
  • A slightly bent ear lobe
  • Curly blonde hair
  • Blue eyes.


  • A pink short-sleeved shirt
  • Sandals
  • White socks
  • Pink faded overalls
  • A green bonnet with white frills.


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