• PuzzleDude400

    Hi there everyone! Recently I was researching about Larry DeWayne Hall, and I found a Radford University profile on him that was published as early as 2011.  Some of his alleged victims are still missing or unidentified and most of the articles out there about these cases do not mention Hall as a suspect. 

    The following are considered missing:

    • Deanie Peters
      • In 2011, authorities announced they believed a man named Bruce Bunch was responsible. He died in 2008 and was never charged or questioned about Peters. 
    • Debra Cole
    • Jennifer Schmidt
    • Denise Pflum
    • Kimberly Thompson
    • Diana Braungardt
    • Wendy Felton
    • Paulette Webster
      • Hall is acknowledged as a suspect in this case.
    • Cynthia Carmack
    • Penny Lease
    • Lynn Ann Thompson
    • Tracy Kroh
    • Janet Dolgae
    • Julie Dalton Johnson
    • Sherrill …
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  • SergeIvanov13

    So I'm really not sure if I"m "Tin-Foil Hatting' but I'm just wondering what is happening with 3 particular does that the DDP is researching. Particularly "Roberto", The Plainview Jane Doe, and the Tom Green County John Doe. Roberto has been on their spreadsheet for a few weeks and the other two have been on there for months but no matches or any information has been posted there.

    Is this the case like Mrs. Tigard and Mr. Frisch where the DDP says that they developed a DNA profile and potential match for them relatively quickly? Or does it simply mean there's nobody working their cases at the moment?

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  • Yuna1999

    Personally, I think the UID infobox works just fine for unidentified persons who are still alive, but I just want to hear everyone else's opinion on this. There's not that many pages like that that I have come across, so the best page I could link as an example is Alice. What do you think?

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  • Yuna1999

    Quite a long time ago, Anna was thought to be Ana Daisy Guevara Valdez , which seemed really promising since it truly seems to be a match. However, I haven't heard back from that again. Did anything happen? 

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  • Blackholesun1


    December 31, 2019 by Blackholesun1

    2019 was absolutely a great year for identifications. So many people reclaimed their names this year and this decade as a whole. DNA Doe Project, LE, and internet sleuths all did a great job!  

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  • Angrycommuter1999

    Three males were each found murdered in the state of Kentucky between 1978 and 1990. Two had been raped or otherwise sexually violated before they had been murdered. All three had been mutilated in some way to prevent identification: two were discovered with their hands and/or feet severed, and the third had been burned beyond recognition.

    I am writing this blog post because I am not sure if these cases might be connected, and I wanted to get some feedback from the UID community. I am also a southeastern case coordinator, and these three victims fall under that category.

    On May 9, 1976, the burned, decomposing body of a young male in his late teens or early twenties was discovered in Shepherdsville. The victim had been sexually assaulted and…

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    It's the 15th of November and I am having coffee in my office. This weekend I will be shooting footage from HWY 78 / Lamar Avenue and going down into Mississippi to show the location of DeSoto County Jane Doe's body. Still need to pull the weather report from Jan. 23, 1985 (day before she was found).

    This will be the last piece I do on her until more evidence comes to light. Keep in mind in my case I will continue to research and investigate this case along with others that I am currently working on and will update you guys here as I get more info.


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    Desoto County Jane Doe - 1985 - 

    She was found dumped on the side of a highway in 1985. Researching this lost soul is what brought me to this WIKI. Thanks for letting me create a space here.

    I run a fledgling channel on Youtube, and currently I am working on a database for unsolved mysteries including unidentified and unsolved murders.  Jane Doe DeSoto county is somewhat local for me and these are the types of cases that I enjoy the most. Mainly beccause I can do my own research and not have to rely on others or stolen snippets from some other source.

    She is interesting to me because there has been so much speculation with very little context. Context creates theory and theory often creates explanations. She deserves to not be forgotten, they…

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  • BigOofPerson

    Who/what am I?

    September 20, 2019 by BigOofPerson

    SoCal college student with a desire to aid in identification efforts. A name is a terrible thing to lose.

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  • Niecelookingforanswers

    Our Dearest Mario:

    I feel as if there is so much for me to say to you,

    and I have no idea where to begin.

    I feel as though there's still so much to do;

    but, my dear uncle, I promise we'll never let them win.

    Sometimes I feel you're the only one who understands me,

    when I see the smile on your face, and the words you've placed on paper.

    There are not many out there like you, that makes your life unique,

    I can see this in you, even 40 years later.

    If nothing else, uncle Mario, I want you to know this:

    No matter what has happened, or how much time has passed,

    Meeting you one day is my biggest wish.

    And most importantly, I want you to know that we understand,

    Why you had to go and explore your life across the land.

    I cannot begin to imagine what life back ho…

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  • Maiwynne

    I recently found this map, and there's quite a few UIDs on there with no NamUs page, NCMEC poster or any other information about them. If anyone has information about these cases, I'd really appreciate it!

    Here's the ones I've found so far:

    - White male, age 16-20, found 9/4/1991 in Mineral County, CO

    - Hispanic female, age 0-1, found 1/7/1996 in Anaheim, CA

    - Black female, age 11-17, found 7/24/1986 in Bronx, NY

    - Black female, age 16-21, found 4/11/1987 in Brooklyn, NY

    - Hispanic female, age 15-20, found 8/29/1997 in Calexico, CA

    - Black female, age 17-20, found 4/18/1981 in Calumet City, IL

    - White female, age 15-25, found 5/18/1980 in Casa Grande, AZ

    - …

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