• BigOofPerson

    Who/what am I?

    September 20, 2019 by BigOofPerson

    SoCal college student with a desire to aid in identification efforts. A name is a terrible thing to lose.

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  • Niecelookingforanswers

    Our Dearest Mario:

    I feel as if there is so much for me to say to you,

    and I have no idea where to begin.

    I feel as though there's still so much to do;

    but, my dear uncle, I promise we'll never let them win.

    Sometimes I feel you're the only one who understands me,

    when I see the smile on your face, and the words you've placed on paper.

    There are not many out there like you, that makes your life unique,

    I can see this in you, even 40 years later.

    If nothing else, uncle Mario, I want you to know this:

    No matter what has happened, or how much time has passed,

    Meeting you one day is my biggest wish.

    And most importantly, I want you to know that we understand,

    Why you had to go and explore your life across the land.

    I cannot begin to imagine what life back ho…

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  • Maiwynne

    I recently found this map, and there's quite a few UIDs on there with no NamUs page, NCMEC poster or any other information about them. If anyone has information about these cases, I'd really appreciate it!

    Here's the ones I've found so far:

    - White male, age 16-20, found 9/4/1991 in Mineral County, CO

    - Hispanic female, age 0-1, found 1/7/1996 in Anaheim, CA

    - Black female, age 11-17, found 7/24/1986 in Bronx, NY

    - Black female, age 16-21, found 4/11/1987 in Brooklyn, NY

    - Hispanic female, age 15-20, found 8/29/1997 in Calexico, CA

    - Black female, age 17-20, found 4/18/1981 in Calumet City, IL

    - White female, age 15-25, found 5/18/1980 in Casa Grande, AZ

    - …

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  • Tmmeye

    Redhead murders

    October 22, 2018 by Tmmeye

    Main Article: Redhead murders

    Our hair is a way of showing who we are. Hair could never lead us to danger, but it did for many women from 1978 - 1992. These women are the victims of the redhead murderer, or also known as, "The Bible Belt Strangler."

    Years later, the killer or killers remain unknown.

    There are 5 victims who have been confirmed to be definite victims, yet many are unconfirmed. The 5 known victims are the Wetzel County Jane Doe, Tina Farmer, Cheatham County Jane Doe, Espy Pilgrim, and Lisa Nichols.

    The Wetzel County Jane Doe was found on February 13, 1983. Her body was naked, and according to Postmortem photographs, she was in a recognizable state. It is unknown how she died, but police have presumed she was asphyxiated. NamUs sta…

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  • Cientific124

    Does anyone know this John Doe or have a link to send to me for some info about him? I found him through this mention on reddit on the unresolvedmysteries from a comment from MilkBottleF's list in the thread Unidentified Does with sightings before death?. The John Doe is then mentioned with the words:

    This man entered a Detroit police department, said that he was depressed because no one cared about or respected him, then killed himself.

    His NamUs page has been removed, and i can't locate him in the Doe Network. Can someone please send me some link or information about him? It would help alot. I have been interested in his case.

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  • Gourami Watcher

    Main article: Walker County Jane Doe

    Thirty-five years ago today, this beautiful girl, aged 14 to 20 was found brutally murdered in Huntsville, Walker County, Texas on November 1, 1980. Thirty-five years of mystery, uncertainty and mourning from this case of lost identity and unsolved murder.

    Why has her name been such a mystery for so long? She was believed to have been seen alive a day before her body was found, asking directions to a prison to visit someone that never came forward to identify her body, even after inmates were shown her pictures. She was likely from a middle-class home, judging by her physical health and care, greatly reducing the chance she lived in a wildly dysfunctional household that may or may not have considered look…

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  • Gourami Watcher

    Main articles: Jock Doe, Sumter County Jane Doe

    A day after their murders, a young man and woman, who currently are unidentified, were discovered with three bullet wounds that took their lives. It was a day in the late summer of 1976 in South Carolina. I took particular interest in this case, not only because Jane Doe strongly resembled one of my coworkers, but because both victims were dead less than a day and nobody has come forward to claim responsibility for their murders or even their identities.

    The man, who was in his early twenties, is a different story. Unlike the female, he is known by a more unique name, "Jock," as someone who reportedly came in contact with the pair stated he called himself, also reported that the man claimed he…

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  • Gourami Watcher

    Main article: Tammy Alexander

    At the end of the 1970's, a teenage girl was murdered in cold blood and abandoned in a corn field in Caledonia, New York. What could have driven someone to kill an innocent child? It's been almost thirty-five years, and we still don't have an answer.

    Nicknamed "Cali Doe" after the town she was discovered in, she was between thirteen and nineteen (my guess being no younger than fourteen and no older than sixteen) and stood at five feet three inches. I'd say she's more than likely a runaway child, maybe from as far away as Canada, like two other victims found in South Carolina three years prior.

    Cali wore men's clothing, probably indicating that a generous person could have given her a change of clothes after encou…

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  • Gourami Watcher

    Main article: Green River victims

    One of the most haunting cases of serial killings is that of the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway, who remains in prison custody today. Out of his nearly fifty confirmed victims, three are known only as "Jane Doe."

    A teenage girl, known as "Jane Doe B-10," was between twelve and eighteen was discovered in 1984, who died around 1983. This victim was between the wide age range of 12 to 18. Examiners believe she may have been left-handed, which is interesting, as the remains were skeletal. I find this particular composite to be quite eerie, due to the shape of the girl's mouth, which was likely an accident made by the artist. I believe she may have been either Kristi Vorak or Kase Lee, who bear a resemblance to…

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  • Gourami Watcher

    Main article: Anaheim Jane Doe (1987)

    In the late summer in late 1987, the scattered skeleton of a teenage female was found in the Santa Ana Canyon, located in Anaheim, Orange County, California. Her cause of death was not officially determined, but The Doe Network reports that she may have been stabbed in the chest. Who was this pretty girl? How did she end up dead near a freeway?

    She may have been a runaway. That's how a lot of kids end up dying. Either they end up trusting the wrong person out of desperation or die from exposure to the elements. In an area such as California, both are likely problems that the Anaheim Jane Doe faced.

    Shannon Collis, a forensic artist, created the sculpture that is shown, illustrating what the victim looked …

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  • Gourami Watcher

    Main article: Milwaukee Jane Doe (1982)

    In early 1982, the unidentified body of an attractive African-American female was located, floating in a river in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was well-dressed and between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five.

    Foul play is not suspected in this case, as the cause of this young woman's death is unknown. I believe she may have accidentally fallen into the river and drowned. She was five feet four inches with kinky hair and had a large amount of dental work. She may have died between one week to three months, although her body was well-preserved due to the cold water.

    The girl had some sort of surgery done on her abdomen, although some reports claim that there were no organs missing. Nobody knows why this myst…

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  • Gourami Watcher

    Main article: Harris County John Doe (1973)

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay in any way. What is wrong is if you kidnap unwilling children and murder them. That's what Dean Corll did during the 1970s. Currently, one of his twenty-some victims remains unidentified, a teenage boy whose skeletal remains were found buried in 1973.

    The boy likely died in 1972 in his mid to late teens. He was between five feet two and five feet seven at an unknown weight. He may have had Hispanic heritage and wore cowboy boots and swim trunks along with a shirt with a peace sign. He had no evidence of dental care and had spinal bifida.

    In the past few years, two of Corll's victims have been identified with the help of the FACES lab in Louisiana, whi…

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  • Gourami Watcher

    Main articles: Orange Socks and Walker County Jane Doe

    It's Halloween in Georgetown, Texas in 1979. Most people would expect to see groups of children looking for candy, but instead, one unfortunate person discovered a body. The victim was nude, except for two orange socks on her feet, which lead to her nickname, as her true name has yet to be discovered. The female, aged 15 to 30 wasn't especially attractive, had long nails, unshaven legs with insect bites and was adorned with freckles. Despite the fact that she was probably a transient or a runaway, her teeth were well cared for.

    A year and one day later, a teenage girl's nude body was found in the same county as Orange Socks. She was quite beautiful. This victim as well was killed by stra…

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  • Gourami Watcher

    Main article: Bella Bond

    UPDATE: Baby Doe was identified on September 18, 2015 as Bella Nevaeh Amoroso Bond, aged 2. Her mother and her mother's boyfriend (not Bella's father) are currently in custody.

    The body of a little girl was found on Deer Island, Massachusetts on June 25, 2015. Her little body along with polka-dotted leggings and a zebra-print blanked was concealed in a garbage bag and abandoned alongside the rocky shore of the island, days before a woman walking her dog made the gruesome discovery.

    The child was likely white with possible Hispanic/Latino ethnicity and was at a mere three-to-five years old when she died. Nobody knows how, since all examinations and toxicology tests have been fruitless to finding the reason why this hea…

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  • Gourami Watcher

    Main article: Lady of the Dunes

    She was an attractive woman between 25 and 40, being brutally murdered in 1974. It was summertime in Provincetown, Massachusetts when someone walking their dog when they came across a naked body, probably not the best thing for a young teen to witness.

    At the crime scene, the remains along with a towel, a size ten footprint, and jeans were found, some of her teeth ripped out of her mouth along with her hands severed. Why would someone want to take it this far to prevent authorities from identifying someone?

    The Lady of the Dunes has had her face reconstructed many times in the past thirty-nine-and-a-half years since the discovery. What is interesting is that many of them bare little resemblance to each other. I…

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