Bobby Copeland, also known as Bob and Robert was an alias used by a male found in Florida in 1988. 24 men have been ruled out as the decedent.


On January 5, 1988, the decedent was discovered in a hotel room at the Marco Polo Hotel in Miami, Florida. He had been shot to death hours prior to being found.

Locals who interacted with the decedent prior to his death, including the group of youths he worked with as a magazine salesman, stated that the decedent referred to himself as 'Bobby Copeland' and claimed he had been a foster child from New York state. However, a further investigation by law enforcement for children/teenagers with this and variants of this name yielded no results.

An arrest was made in his murder, however he still remains unidentified.


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  • He had light brown or blonde hair and brown or grey eyes.
  • He had scars on both forearms and wrists and his right thigh.

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