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Body 10 is one of six still-unidentified victims, and one of 33+ victims of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. His remains were found buried in John Gacy's crawl space.


Body 10's skeletal remains were found in Norwood Park, Illinois on December 26, 1978. His death date is uncertain, but is tentatively assumed to be around March 15 to July 5, 1977 (other factors indicate this youth may have been murdered as early as 1974).

His burial location in the crawl space was 45 degrees next to the body of Kenneth Parker (Body 15) and nearby beside the bodies of Samuel Stapleton and Randall Reffett (bodies 6 & 7 respectively)


  • He had a well-healed fracture to his left clavicle.

Clothing and accessories

  • Reddish-colored socks
  • Jockey-type underwear



  • Paul Mercurio, New York
  • William Shields, Illinois
  • Brian Page, Oregon
  • Andrew Mantheiy, California
  • Tony Allen, Arkansas
  • David Boniske, Washington
  • Earl Joggerst, Missouri
  • John Deeny, Minnesota
  • Michael Mansfield, Illinois
  • Orin Anderson, Wisconsin
  • Jeffrey Stinnett, Michigan
  • Randy Maciuba, New York
  • Andrew Memmelaar, New York
  • Dermot Kelly, Illinois
  • Rickey Enochs, Missouri
  • Timothy Willoughby, Illinois


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