This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Body 21 is one of six victims of John Wayne Gacy who remains unidentified.


The nude remains of the victim were discovered in the crawl space of Gacy's home. It is believed he was killed between August 6 to October 25, 1976, based on his placement with others (one in addition to him is still unidentified). Body 21 was placed directly above William Carroll (Body 22), who disappeared on June 13, 1976. Additional details, such as the belief that victim David Cram was not present in the home until August 21, potentially narrows this range between August 6 and 20, 1976. 

Details surrounding where Gacy met this victim, or whether he was abducted or tricked into accompanying the serial killer are unknown, in addition to the specific cause of his death. Gacy more than likely sexually assaulted and tortured him prior to the murder.


  • His hair was likely light brown in coloration.



  • William Shields, Illinois
  • Brian Page, Oregon
  • Andrew Mantheiy, California
  • Tony Allen, Arkansas
  • David Boniske, Washington
  • Earl Joggerst, Missouri
  • John Deeny, Minnesota
  • Michael Mansfield, Illinois
  • Orin Anderson, Wisconsin
  • Jeffrey Stinnett, Michigan
  • Randy Maciuba, New York
  • Andrew Memmelaar, New York
  • Dermot Kelly, Illinois
  • Rickey Enochs, Missouri
  • Dean Heagerty, New York


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