This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Body 26 is one of six unidentified victims of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.


This victim was most likely killed between June 13 and August 5, 1976, based on where he was buried. He was found directly underneath the bodies of Rick Johnston (Body 23) and Jimmy Haakenson (Body 24). Both victims, the latter identified in 2017, are believed to have died on the final day of the estimated death range.

It is unknown what specifically caused his death. Based on Gacy's history, he was likely lured to the home or abducted after encountering the serial killer at an unknown location within the city of Chicago. Each victim was tortured and sexually assaulted.


  • Medium to dark brown hair
  • Absence of two upper-front teeth
    • He possibly wore a partial denture to conceal this.



  • William Shields, Illinois
  • Brian Page, Oregon
  • Andrew Mantheiy, California
  • Tony Allen, Arkansas
  • David Boniske, Washington
  • Earl Joggerst, Missouri
  • John Deeny, Minnesota
  • Michael Mansfield, Illinois
  • Orin Anderson, Wisconsin
  • Jeffrey Stinnett, Michigan
  • Randy Maciuba, New York
  • Andrew Memmelaar, New York
  • Dermot Kelly, Illinois
  • Rickey Enochs, Missouri


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