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Body 5 is one of six unidentified victims of John Wayne Gacy. His first name was possibly "Greg" or "Gregory," based on the sole personal item found with his remains.

The DNA Doe Project began investigating his identity in late May 2021.


The victim was located in the northeast corner of a mass grave site in the crawl space of Gacy's home on December 26, 1978. This decedent was buried face-upwards in the crawl space, approximately three feet beneath the surface of the top soil. He was wearing a light-colored cloth, long sleeve shirt or jacket and dark trousers.

The murder of this individual is estimated to have occurred between November 1976 and March 15, 1977, based on the actual burial location and circumstances of the murders of two identified murder victims. Jon Prestidge, who was murdered on March 15, 1977, was buried directly above this decedent. Gregory Godzik, killed on December 12, 1976, had dug this mass grave site sometime after the commencement of his employment with Gacy's contracting firm on or about November 20, 1976. Godzik's body was found buried alongside this decedent, beneath the remains of John Szyc, killed on January 20, 1977.

Both the exact cause of this victim's death and the circumstances surrounding his initial encounter with Gacy remain unknown. However, a wad of cloth-like material found lodged within his mouth indicates he may have died of suffocation. All of the victims had been raped and tortured before death.


  • He had suffered a broken nose during his life.
  • Brown hair.


  • A key fob bearing the name "Greg."
    • This suggested to investigators that this may have been his first name, or a nickname for "Gregory."



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  • Brian Page, Oregon
  • Andrew Mantheiy, California
  • Tony Allen, Arkansas
  • David Boniske, Washington
  • Earl Joggerst, Missouri
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