Boone County Jane Doe was a teenager or young woman who was found deceased at the bottom of a hill near the northbound entrance ramp from Indiana State Road 47 to Interstate 65 in Lebanon, Indiana.


She is believed to have died three to five days prior to her discovery. Her cause of death could not be determined, however, foul play is suspected due to the circumstances surrounding her discovery. She had spent some time in Indiana before her death.

Isotope analysis indicated the decedent was from the southwestern United States or the Midwestern to upper New England States.


  • She had red or auburn hair that had been cut very short.
  • She had a tattoo of 'MOM' on her upper right arm, a tattoo of 'LOVE' and a cross with two hearts on her right breast and a cross tattoo on her right hand on the webbing between her thumb and index finger.

Clothing and accessories

  • Yellow or light green tank top.
  • Light green anklet socks.



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