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Brad Williams
Williams bradley4.jpg
Age 31
Race White
Sex Male
Location Tampa, Florida
Disappeared June 8, 2001
Missing for 20 years
Height 6'2"
Weight 170 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Bradley Williams was a man who disappeared under suspicious circumstances in 2001. He was later declared dead.

Williams is originally from Ferrysburg, Michigan.


Williams was last seen in the 6301 South Westshore in Tampa, Florida. He did not report for work at the post office that day, and has never been heard from since. All of his personal belongings were found at his residence. His pet parakeet and two Persian cats were on the verge of starvation. His rented vehicle was located abandoned in a parking lot at a strip mall on Kennedy Boulevard. His bank accounts had more than $4,000 at the time of his disappearance and there hasn't been any activity on them since.


  • Brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Unspecified behavior disorder.