Brenda Gail Lambert
BrendaGailLambert.pngProgressed to 37
Age 22
Race White
Sex Female
Location Bluewell, West Virginia
Disappeared July 26, 1992
Missing for 28 years
Height 5'2"
Weight 110 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Brenda Gail Lambert (née Christian) was a young woman who disappeared on July 26, 1992. Foul play is suspected in her case.


Lambert was last seen on July 26, 1992, at 9:00 pm in her home, celebrating her son's first birthday. She had left all of her possessions at home, including her car. She had filed a domestic violence complaint a few weeks prior to disappearing. Her boyfriend, Anthony Cook, vanished as well, 5 months after she had gone missing. 


  • Lambert had black hair and blue eyes.
  • She had shoulder-length curly hair.
  • She had a birthmark on the back of her leg.
  • She had a one-inch scar on her right wrist.
  • She had dark-colored freckles on her shoulders.



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