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Brent Allan McLellan was a man whose skeletal remains washed up on Sandy Cove Beach, in Nova Scotia, in September of 2019. He was identified in January of 2020.


Brent took his own life after fighting a long battle with bipolar disorder and addiction by jumping off of Saint John's Reversing Falls Bridge in New Brunswick, on July 11, 2019. His body was recovered in Nova Scotia on September 8, but his family knew of his passing due to a tourist photographed of him in the water.

He was identified on January 17, 2020, through DNA testing after his family saw a photo of his Terra work boots on January 6, 2020. Brent was a hockey and baseball player and is in the Saint John Sports Hall of Fame, and his death was a heartbreaking loss to everyone in the community.

One thing worth noting is that the police didn't reveal his name when they confirmed they had identified his remains on January 20, 2020. A YouTube video from The Fifth Estate regarding unidentified remains mentioned his identity with permission from his family. Numerous other articles have as well with the permission of his family and in hopes to bring awareness to suicide prevention and the importance of access to mental health resources.


  • Blue and brown, bootcut, denim pants from Urban Heritage. Its waist was 36 and its length was 34.
  • Black and yellow, leather, high cut work boots from Terra.