"Brian Wallace" was the name used by a man who was struck by a vehicle in 2015.


At around 10:20 PM on January 22, 2015, the decedent was struck by a black Mercedes on Forest Road. He later died at Royal London Hospital of "multiple injuries". The 21 year old driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and bailed to a date in March or October.

The decedent lived in Chingford Road in Walthamstow and had been working as a construction builder for about a decade. He had been using the name Brian Wallace and while police believe this is his name, he has yet to be formally identified.

A search of his residence resulted in no location of any identity documents and he had no identification on him when he was killed. His cell phone provided no clues as he his only contacts were for his job.

The decedent was described as a private man and that he did not give a lot of details regarding his relatives. It is believed he has family in Sheffield and that he was from the area, and he possibly has a sister in Neasdon, London.


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