Bruno Slezak Josef
Sex Male
Race White
Location Montreal, Quebec
Found February 2, 1995
Unidentified for 25 years
Postmortem interval Unknown
Body condition Unknown
Age approximation 40-60
Height approximation 5'5"
Weight approximation 77 pounds
Cause of death Not stated

"Bruno Slezak Josef" was a male discovered in Quebec in 1995.


On February 2nd, 1995, a man was found dead in an apartment at 2605 Avenue Ekers in Montreal, Quebec.

He was homeless and was known as Bruno. He had no ID, but a paper in which was inscribed "Bruno Slezak Josef" was found in his personal belongings. It is not known whether this was his real name or an alias.

The man allegedly told his neighbors he had arrived in Canada in 1970 and had family in Germany.


  • Gray curly hair.
  • White beard and mustache.
  • Light skin tone.
  • Extremely thin build.
  • A visibly missing teeth.

Clothing and accessories

  • Green pants.
  • A dark leather belt.
  • Gray wool socks.
  • A blue sweater with gray and red patterns.
  • A blue checkered shirt.
  • A single black shoe on his right foot.


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