Bucks County Jane Doe
Bucks County Jane Doe
Sex Female
Race White
Location Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Found January 24, 1988
Unidentified for 32 years
Postmortem interval 1-5 years
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 16-30
Height approximation 5' - 5'1
Weight approximation 100-120 pounds
Cause of death Undetermined(S)
Bucks County Jane Doe, locally nicknamed as Publicker Jane Doe, was a girl or woman found deceased near a water distillery plant in January 1988 in Pennsylvania.


The remains were found in January 1988, some time after the female died, most likely three years before. Many articles of clothing were found with the body, but it is unknown if it belonged to her.

Frank Bender's clay reconstruction of the victim was briefly shown on an episode of Forensic Files when Bender was interviewed about the List family murders.


  • The female was likely between 16 and 21, although she may have been as old as 30.
  • She had poor dental hygiene.
  • She was pregnant with a baby at about six months gestation.
  • She had a slight open bite.


  • She may have been murdered, possibly by an abusive boyfriend/husband.
  • She may have come from a dysfunctional or impoverished family.
  • She may have been Louise DavisRule Out
  • She may have been Tracy ByrdRule Out



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