Caroline County John Doe was a young man found deceased in Virginia in 1988. He was found with another male, who also remains unidentified and is believed to have been his son. Over 300 men have been ruled out as the decedent per NamUs.


At around 8:30 AM on November 10, 1988, two turkey hunters found the badly decomposed bodies of two men near the Ladysmith exit along Interstate 95 in Ruther Glen, Virginia. The bodies were found in a wooded area about 75 yards off the main highway. Both men had been killed, but until their identities are established, their causes of death will not be released. Forensic testing has revealed that the pair were paternally related and that they possibly had a parent/child relationship. Clothing the men were wearing brand new and suggest possible Hispanic ethnicity.


  • Black hair
  • Several missing front teeth on the upper and bottom jaw

Clothing and accessories

  • Navy long sleeved shirt
  • Multicolored plaid short sleeved shirt
  • Brown denim Rustler brand pants
  • Red briefs
  • Brown leather belt with "SILVANO" engraved in the leather and painted white
  • A single green sock
  • Two baseball caps, one blue and one red
  • Religious medal with a figure of "Archangel San Miguel Ar__Defendednos" on one side and a figure of Mary with the words "Sta. Maria de Guadalaupe Ruega por Nosotros" on the other.



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