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Carson Jane Doe was a woman found deceased in California in 1977. She was identified in September 2020.


On July 8, 1977, the decedent was found deceased underneath an empty cardboard box behind the A and H paint company on 13124 South Figueroa Street, Carson, California.


  • Needle ("track") marks found on her left arm indicated a possible history of intravenous drug use.


  • A one-piece red jumpsuit with red shoulder straps that were crisscrossed in the front
  • A white Gabardine waist jacket
  • A blue open-toed wedge with a Rafia sole on her right foot, tied around the ankle by a single white shoelace. Her left shoe was never recovered.
  • a 14-inch long turquoise Indian-style necklace made of beads of silver tubes on a thread with a single turquoise nugget
  • Two white-metal rings with a blue stone on each