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"Cathy," locally known as Jane Doe 28 was a female whose remains were located in March 1981. She is believed to be a victim of serial killers Doug Clark and Carol Bundy, along with Newhall Jane Doe and Valencia Jane Doe. She was allegedly picked up by Clark and Bundy in Hollywood, California, and was later murdered. The pair provided her possible first name.


Only the skull, mandible, a femur, along with some ribs and vertebrae were recovered. She was shot in a position of the head consistent with other victims of the duo. She was allegedly a prostitute, killed in late July 1980 while engaged in a sexual act. Clark claimed Carol Bundy had been the shooter, and she instructed him to drive to the location where she was stripped naked and later discovered. He did admit to groping the victim's body along the way.

During the trial phase of their prosecution, documents were misplaced, and evidence was ruled "irrelevant." Neither were charged for the murder of "Cathy," although it is generally believed they were responsible.


  • She was possibly blond, based on statements by the offenders.
  • Slight build.
  • High forehead.
  • Small boned.
  • Lower right side and upper left side molar missing.
  • Slight overbite.


  • No clothing was found, but according to Clack and Bundy, she wore the following:
    • Maroon sweater-type dress with little red hearts or flowers.
    • White bolero jacket over the dress.
    • White cowboy boots.


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