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Charlene Stinson
Charlene Ellen Stinson.jpg
Name Charlene Ellen Stinson
Sex Female
Found July 25, 2003
Location Washoe County, Nevada
Missing from Alameda, California
Identified August 2018
Span 15 years
Age 40 - 43
Cause of death Presumed homicide

Charlene Ellen Stinson was a woman who disappeared from Alameda, California in 2001. Her remains were discovered over two years later, in Washoe County, Nevada.


Little is known about Stinson's disappearance, which occurred on January 2, 2001.

When her remains were recovered in an area near Reno, Nevada, the victim was thought to be between 26 and 36 at the time of her death, which investigators believe was a homicide.

The remains had been wrapped in a shower curtain and left along Interstate 80. It was estimated the body had been there at least three weeks prior.