Sex Female
Race Hispanic/Black
Location Mamaroneck, New York
Found March 3, 2007 (torso)
March 21-22 (legs)
Unidentified for 13 years
Postmortem interval Days - weeks
Body condition Traumatic injuries
Age approximation 35 - 50
Height approximation 5'7 - 6'1
Weight approximation 180-200 pounds
Cause of death Stabbing

This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

"Cherries" was a woman whose dismembered body was found in 2007. Her case could be related to Peaches, whose body was found a decade before under similar circumstances.


Early into the investigation, it was suspected she may have been murdered by the Long Island Serial Killer, or perhaps a "copycat" killer.

The Long Island Serial Killer was active between the 1990s and mid-2010s, which is inclusive for the time the remains were found.


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