Chouteau County John Doe is a man who was killed in a train wreck in Chouteau County, Montana on June 25, 1916.


One June 25, 1916, the westbound passenger train No. 43 detoured via Havre, Montana collided with the rear end of a local freight train which had not cleared the main line. The caboose and two merchandise cars of the freight train were badly smashed, while the locomotive of the passenger train was damaged so it could not proceed. All the trainmen were able to escape uninjured, but a search of the wreckage found the victim on the front end of the baggage car on train No. 43. It is believed he is an undocumented passenger trying to catch a ride on the train. When the impact came, his body was crushed enough that all his bones were broken. Where the body stood upright at the front of the baggage car, the boards were almost broken in two. He is buried at the Big Sandy Cemetery in Big Sandy, Montana.


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