Chris Harvey
Chris Harvey.jpgAge progression to age 42
Age 14
Race White
Sex Male
Location Hinsdale County, Colorado
Disappeared July 11, 1984
Missing for 36 years
Height 5' 11"
Weight 135 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide
Suspected accident

Christopher James "Chris" Harvey (born August 9, 1969) was a teenage boy who disappeared in 1984.


Chris and his family are from Andrews, Texas. They were staying at their summer trailer home in Hinsdale County, Colorado in July of 1984. The residence was located in a mobile home park on the edge of the San Juan National Forest, some 17 miles northwest of Pagosa Springs.

On July 11, Chris visited a neighbor's trailer and spoke to him about a band camp he intended to visit later in the summer. He left the neighbor's trailer around 3:30 p.m. and went for a walk with his dog. The dog made it back home, but Chris hasn't been seen or heard from again.

Police initially believed that he had gone for a hike and gotten lost. Although Chris was purportedly an excellent backpacker, he did not have the necessary supplies for an extended time in the forest. An extensive search of the area yielded no results and investigators concluded that he was almost certainly not in the county.

Six weeks after Chris' disappearance, a badly wounded teenager suffering from extensive brain damage and with no identification on hand was found wandering on a mountain road in Eagle County, Colorado. He was hospitalized and fell into a coma.

Chris' parents initially identified the teenager as their son despite the teenager's severe facial injuries but began having doubts as days passed. A dental records comparison revealed that the boy was not their son.

Foul play is the current theory regarding Chris' disappearance and Texas authorities are involved with the investigation.


  • Brown hair.
  • Hazel eyes.
  • Mole on left arm, a mole on right arm and mole on upper right chest.

Clothing and accessories

  • Western-style leather belt with CHRIS on the buckle.
  • Brown plaid shirt with long sleeves.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Nike hiking shoes with red laces.
  • Black digital watch.


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