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Chris Zahn
Additional photo
Age 21
Race White
Sex Male
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Disappeared April 28 or 29, 1992
Missing for 29 years
Height 6' - 6' 2"
Weight 160-170 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Christoph Zahn is a young man who disappeared in Atlanta, Georgia.


Zahn, who has dual Swiss and American citizenship, was on an extended trip to the United States to visit numerous friends. He was last heard from at 4:15 pm on April 28, 1992, when he placed a call to his travel agent in Orange County, Florida, from a telephone at the Denny’s Restaurant on Mountain Industrial Boulevard in Tucker, Georgia. He was last seen at American Hotel across the street from bus station in Atlanta after traveling from Jacksonville, Florida via bus.

Additional photo

Thanks to the work of a private investigator hired by his family, it was determined that his Mastercard had been used 31 times after his disappearance in the Atlanta area between April 30 and May 11. A man by the name of Harry Eugene Hale was arrested and convicted for these fraudulent credit card transactions. A search of Hale's home in Kentucky resulted in several of Zahn's belongings being recovered, including Zahn's camera bag, his two cameras, and an Amish quilt that he'd purchased for his mother from Pennsylvania.

There is no evidence that Hale murdered Zahn but police suspect foul play was involved. Hale had a reputation for stalking bus stations and highways for male transients and is suspected of drugging and raping young men in several states.

Hale drove a 1993 red Ford Probe with Georgia tags at the time of Zahn's disappearance and was a resident of Austell, Georgia in addition to owning homes in Florida and Kentucky.


  • Light brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Scar on his chin.
  • He did not drink alcohol.