Cindy McLane
CindyLou.jpgProgressed to age 59
Age 2
Race White
Sex Female
Location Willow River, British Columbia
Disappeared September 9, 1958
Missing for 62 years
Height 2’6”
Weight 29 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Cynthia McLane (commonly known as "Cindy Lou") was a toddler who disappeared from British Columbia in 1958.


At approximately 9:15 am on September 9, 1958, 2-year-old was last seen playing outside of her residence in Willow River, British Columbia. Once it was determined that she was missing, a search ensued. For many days, family members, police, canine units, and approximately 2000 local volunteers aided in searching for the missing girl - including waterways, rail lines, and roadways well beyond where the toddler could have made it on her own - but no trace has ever been found.

Due to the short time window before the search began, there is a strong possibility that Cindy Lou was abducted from the area of her home.

At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing a blue cotton sweater, white blouse, blue corduroy pants, as well as red and white Saddle Oxford shoes. She had a fair complexion, with brown hair and brown eyes.


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