Cobourg Jane Doe
Cobourg JD artist sketch1
Sex Female
Race White
Location Cobourg, Ontario
Found November 9, 2002
Unidentified for 16 years
Postmortem interval Fall of 2001 or later
Body condition Skeletal (partial)
Age approximation 30 - 50
Height approximation Unknown
Weight approximation Unknown
Cause of death Suspected homicide

Cobourg Jane Doe was discovered by hunters in a heavily wooded area south of Beagle Club Road, in the Alnwick-Haldimand Township of Northumberland County, Ontario. No attempts at burial had been made, and investigators believe that the body had been at the site since at least the fall of 2001.

The remains were insufficient to determine cause of death, although the entire skull and dental parts were recovered, and nothing was found around the remains to assist in her identification.

There was evidence of past dental work, including metal and white fillings, and the woman had suffered in the past from two severe dental abscesses.

The police are investigating the case as a suspicious death.