Cochise County John Doe is a man who was found in Fort Huachuca by an employee near Building 90336. He cannot be excluded as a missing Guatemalan national named Rolando Eduardo Gomez Valdez. He is buried in Section J at the Calvary Cemetery in Douglas, Arizona. Few details are available in his case.

Clothing and Accessories

  • Blue "The Original P. Challenger Classic Jeans, San Francisco" jeans.
  • One "Izatco" diamond print brief and one multicolored striped brief undershorts.
  • Three faded and torn white socks.
  • Tan and brown "Hitec" hiking boot, size unknown.
  • One Guatemalan bill: Cinco Quetzales.
  • One $2.00 peso bill.
  • Red cloth hand-sewn bag with fragments of black rocks.
  • Small black compass
  • White and yellow metallic warn key.
  • Product "GMS Balsamico", possibly lipbalm.
  • Fragment of paper.
  • Paper/foil wrapped pill.


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