Colton John Doe
Sex Male
Race Unknown
Location Colton, California
Found July 1997
Unidentified for 23 years
Postmortem interval Unknown
Body condition Unknown
Age approximation Unknown
Height approximation N/A
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Beating

Colton John Doe was a man found murdered in Colton, California in 1997. He is a suspected victim of Ángel M. Reséndiz AKA the Railroad Killer. Very few details are available.


The victim was discovered in a railyard in Colton, California. He was beaten to death with a piece of plywood. Colton police detective Jack Morenberg has named Ángel Reséndiz the prime suspect in this case. Reséndiz was never charged in this case, however, due to the lack of evidence.

Reséndiz, who killed up to 23 people in the US and Mexico near mostly railroads in the 1990s and travelled across the US via trains he jumped on, was captured by Texas Ranger Drew Carter on July 13, 1999 and was executed on June 27, 2006.

Other unidentified victims of Reséndiz include a woman killed in Texas in 1986 and her alleged boyfriend.


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