Cordula Keller went missing on 14 October 1992 from Wurzen, Saxony, Germany.


Cordula meets with her ex-boyfriend Marko, who she had a relationship with for three years, on the evening of October 14, 1992. They plan to hitchhike together the next morning to his aunt's birthday party. They had an argument and Cordula wanted to hitchhike alone, but she never arrived at her destination.

One year after Cordula's disappearance, her ex-boyfriend committed suicide. It is unknown if his suicide is connected with Cordula's disappearance.

13 years after Cordula's disappearance, an anonymous caller calls a friend of Cordula's: he says Cordula has been killed and is in "deep, deep darkness."


  • Slim.
  • Shoulder-length straight, red-colored hair.
  • Brown-green eyes.
  • Circular scar on one calf.
  • Tattoo on the right shoulder: Rose with two leaves and the letters "BB".


  • Silver-colored earrings with peace sign in the middle.
  • Green army backpack.
  • White coffee maker.



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