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Dana Dodd
Name Dana Lynn Dodd
Sex Female
Found October 29, 2006
Location Kilgore, Texas
Missing from Jacksonville, Florida
Identified January 2019
Span 12 years
Age 21
Cause of death Presumed homicide
This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Dana Lynn Dodd (September 6, 1985 - October 28, 2006), formerly known as Lavender Doe, was a young woman whose burning body was found hours after her murder in 2006, in Kilgore, Gregg County, Texas. Her cause of death is undetermined, but is investigated as a homicide.

On January 29, 2019 DNA Doe Project announced her identification and her identity was released on February 11.


The body of Dodd was found soon after she died, but was rendered unrecognizable because her body was set on fire. She was also presumably raped, as semen was found at the scene.

Her nickname while unidentified, Lavender Doe, originated from the sweater she was found wearing. Little clothing survived the fire.

Her face was reconstructed in various methods, by sketch, clay and in 2014, a digital 3D reconstruction. In August 2015, NamUs updated her age range to be up to 25 years old.

In August 2018, a person of interest, Joseph Burnette, confessed to the Dodd's murder, as well as that of a former girlfriend. He stated her name may have been "Ashley." She may have been seen alive at a Walmart store in Longview, Texas.

The DNA Doe Project successfully obtained her DNA profile and her case has been funded completely. They found a suitable match for the victim, which was confirmed by law enforcement in January 2019. They stated her identity would not be released until the trial concluded, however, it was released in February 2019. It was later revealed that Dodd disappeared sometime in 2003.



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