Danielle Larue
Danielle Larue
Age 24-25
Race White/Native American
Sex Female
Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Disappeared   November 30, 2002
Missing for 16 years
Height 5'7
Weight 128 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide
Danielle Larue was a woman who disappeared from Vancouver's downtown east side neighborhood. Foul play is suspected in her case.


Danielle has been described to have a thin build with a ruddy complexion, long brown hair, and brown eyes. She had several tattoos, one being a black heart with a cross above it on her forearm and a heart on her chest.


On News Year Eve, 2002, the Vancouver Police Department received an anonymous letter from someone who confessed to unintentionally killing a sex worker. In the letter, he also apologized to the woman's family for killing her and claimed he was going to leave flowers at the place he buried her at least once a year.

Due to the description the writer gave of the woman, investigators believe the murdered woman was Danielle Larue, a drug user who worked in the sex trade to support her addiction in Vancouver's downtown east side and had been living in the downtown east side for over five years. Other than her official disappearance date being November 30, 2002, the exact place and time she was last seen is unknown.