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Danny Raymond Fry (1953-October 1995) was a formerly unidentified man whose torso was pulled from the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas. Fry was involved in the 1995 kidnappings and murders of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, her son, and granddaughter. He was killed by his accomplices to prevent him from making incriminating statements.

Fry was identified via superimposition in 2001 after his skull and hands were located with the remains of O'Hair and her family in a shallow grave in Real County, Texas.


  • Fry's case was included on the tenth episode of the seventh season of Forensic Files, titled "Without A Prayer."
  • Fry was portrayed by actor Alex Frost in the 2013 film The Most Hated Woman in America, based on the life of Murray O'Hair and her murder.